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The Great Room piano and MIDI setup is used for working in real time and composition
(i.e., "playing around"!) with MIDI and audio recording capability, and includes the following:

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And yes, to answer the requests, here's a piece of music did for a video game called Stealth Reaper -
It was performed mostly live, to a MIDI'd bass and drum track.
Press the piano button to play the MP3!

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The Village Studio main studio cottage includes the equipment listed below :


Green ButtonPerformance Synthesizers, Sequencers and Controllers




Analog Modular Synthesizers

Q106 Oscillators w/Q106CRS Calibrated Range Switch (2) in Combo Panels
Q107A State Variable Filter in single Module Space
Q110 - Q117 Noise Source / Sample & Hold Combination Resynthesis Module
Q113 8-Channel Mixer
Q113 8-Channel Mixer
Q114 Mixer++ Module
Q118 Instrument Interface
Q123 Standards Module
Q128 Switch
Q130 Clipper / Rectifier
Q131 Single-Width Blank Panel
Q132 Double-Width Blank Panel
Q138 Logo Panels (2)
Q143 Presets Module
Q146 Normalization Module
Q148 VCA++ Module
J150 Transistor Ladder Filter Trumansburg VCF Module in single width
Q157 S&H++ Module
Q162 Filter Mixer
Q167 LFO++ Modules (2)
Q171 Quantizer (S/N 002)
Q172 Quantizer Aid (S/N 002)
Q163 Gate Math Module
Q174 MIDI-CV Interface Module
Q175 MIDI Interface Aid Module
Q179 Envelope++ Module
Q181FJ Footpedal / Switch Interface Module
Q960 Moog Sequencer Module
Q961 Moog Sequencer Interface Module
Q962 Moog Electronic Switch Module
Q963 Moog Trigger Bus Module
Custom 10x10 Cherry Matrix Switcher Module
Blacet MiniWave Module in custom 5U Panel with 10 Switchable ROMs
CatGirl Synth Wave Multiplier Module
Catgirl CGS-01 Sub Oscillator Harmonic Sequencer Module
Club of the Knobs C1630 Bode Frequency Shifter
Club of the Knobs C1631 Bode Modulator
Club of the Knobs C951 Arpeggiator
CorSynth C107 Quad VCA / VC Mixer
CorSynth C103 Frequency Divider
Cynthia Sawtooth Animator Module
Elby Designs Custom Synth-A-Scope Module with Pedal Interace
Encore Electronics UEG Envelope Generator
Grove Audio PM Resonator Module
Grove Audio GMS-952 Dual Joystick Module
Moon Modular 505 VC Multimode Filter
Moon Modular 511C VG Envelope Generator Module
Moon Modular 569 4x8 Sequencer Module
Moon Modular 501D Dual Oscillator Module
Moon Modular 501M Oscillator Mixer Module
Oakley Deep Equinoxe VC Phaser
OHM LFO2 Dual LFO Module
SSL 1130 Double Deka VCO Module
SSL 1230 ADSR Envelope Generator Module
SSL 1250 Quad LFO Module
2 STG Triple VCA Modules (S/N 001 & 002)
STG Mankato Filter Module
STG Mixer Module
STG Soundlabs Envelope Generator Module with Envelope Interface Sidecar Module
YuSynth Dual Slew Rate Limiter
Q101 Power Control Module
Q102 AC Power Interface Module
Q103 DC Power Interface Modules (2)
QPS1 Power Supply
QCS44 44-space Walnut Studio Cabinets (2) w/Pomona Cable Racks
QCB Bracket Set for Studio Cabinet Stacking
QCSKG Keyboard Garage
QKB61 61-Key Keyboard with QCB4 Box4 Cabinet, QCKB-SS-W Box 4 Keyboard Sides, QPS4 Power Supply, QIC-12 Inter-Cabinet DC Power Cable
Q181TP TouchPad Controller
Q181RC Ribbon Controller
Q181W Mod Wheel Controller
Q181V1 Whammy Bar Controller
QCC Inverted cabinet Crown w/LittLite Gooseneck Lamps

         Kurzweil Expression-Mate MIDI Ribbon Controller

         Psionics Soundwords Walking Stick CV Ribbon Controller

         Yamaha BC-1 Breath Controller, Bag

         Moog Synthesizer Dealer's Sign (autographed - Patrick Moraz / Keith Emerson)

Green ButtonPolyphonic Synthesizers

         Sequential Circuits Prophet 10 Dual-Keyboard Analog Synthesizer w/MIDI, Sequencer, Flight Case

         Alesis A6 Andromeda Analog Synthesizer

         Oberheim OB-12 Polyphonic Analog Modelling Synthesizer

         Roland JD-800 Polyphonic Synthesizer w/Hybrid Textures Voice Card with flight case owned and played by Keith Emerson

         Nord Modular Keyboard

         Roland G-1000 Arranger Keyboard

         Fender-Rhodes Chroma Polaris Synthesizer

Green ButtonMiscellaneous Keyboard Instruments

         Kurzweil MidiBoard MIDI Keyboard Controller (Version 3.0), Sustain Pedals

         MidAir Wireless MIDI Receiver / Transmitter

         Alesis Vortex Wireless MIDI Keyboard

         Hohner Student Accordion (22-key / 8-bass)

         Farfisa Syntaccordion Electronic Accordion with Amplifier, Cases

Green ButtonSound Modules

         Roland VK-8M Organ Module

         Korg MS-2000R Rack Mount MIDI Synthesizer / Vocoder

         Kawai K-5000R Synth Module

         EMu Audity 2000 Synthesizer Module

         EMu UltraProteus Synthesizer Module

         Oberheim Matrix-6R Synthesizer Module

         Yamaha TX-816 Rack FM Digital Synth Rack with 8 TF-1 Modules

         Technics WSA-1R Acoustic Modelling Synthesis Module

         Roland XV-5080 Synthesizer Module w/SR-JV80-02 Orchestral / SRX-07 Ultimate Keys Expansion Boards

         Roland U-220 PCM MIDI Rack Module

         Roland U-110 PCM MIDI Rack Module

         Roland D-550 Rack L.A. Synthesis Module

         Alesis QuadraSynth S4 Rack Module w/Alesis Vintage Synthesizers / Sanctuary Q-Card ROM Cards

         Korg Wavestation A/D Synth Module

         Roland JP-08 Synthesizer Module

         Roland D-05 Synthesizer Module with K-25M Mini-Keyboard

         Roland V-Synth XT with VC-1, D-550 Cards

         Creamware Pro-12 ASB Virtual Prophet 5 Synthesizer Module

Green ButtonElectronic and Acoustic Percussion Instruments

         Alesis DM10 Pro Electronic Drum Set w/4 extra cymbal arms, 2 extra 8-inch pads

         Pearl Double Bass Drum Pedals

         Alesis SR-16 Digital Drum Machine

         Yamaha DD-14 Digital Drum Set

         Simmons SDMP-1 Percussion Pad

         Simmons Drum Footpedal

         Roland Pad-5 HandyPad

         Lexan Tambourine

         Sabian Zodiac 24-inch Gong

         Kalimbas (3)

Green ButtonWind Instruments

         Bach Stradivarius Model 37 Gold/Silver Trumpet w/Purviance/Bach/Giardinelli Mouthpieces, Case, Gig Bag,

         Straight Mute (autographed by Maynard Ferguson)

         Straight Mute (autographed by Doc Severinsen)

         Jupiter 416BL Black Lacquer Pocket Trumpet (autographed Doc Severinsen, Lee Loughnane) w/Case, Mouthpiece

         Lee Oskar Blues Harmonica (F)

         Hohner 64 Chromonica Harmonica

         Pan Flute

Green ButtonGuitars, Basses and other Stringed Instruments

         Ibanez 2671 Randy Scruggs Professional / Artist 6-string Electric Guitar w/case

         Ibanez 1975 2640 ex-Gerry Buckley Artwood Autograph Doubleneck 6/12-string Electric Guitar w/case

         Gibson 1979 Les Paul 25/50 Anniversary 6-string Electric Guitar w/Hard Protector Case

         Rickenbacker 1991 370/12RM Roger McGuinn Signature Edition 12-string Electric Guitar w/Case

         Taylor 2004 K65CE-L7 Limited Koa Acoustic/Electric 12-string Guitar w/Case

         Ovation MM-68 Acoustic/Electric Mandolin w/Hard Case

         Ovation Applause UAE-148M Mahogany Acoustic/Electric Ukulele w/Gig Bag

         Banjo w/Case

         Echo Acoustic 6-string Guitar

         Carvin LB-75 5-string Koa Bass Guitar w/case (autographed by Colin Hay)

         Leather Bass Guitar Strap (autographed - Rick Derringer / Peter White / John Wetton / Colin Hay)

         Ibanez IMG-2010 MIDI 6-string Electric Guitar w/Case, 24-pin Cable with Locking Ring

         Ibanez MC-1 Guitar-MIDI Converter

         Shadow GTM-6 Guitar-MIDI Converter w/Piezo Hex Pickups (2), Footpedals

         Roland GR-300 Guitar Synthesizer with GR-301 Remote Control Footswitch

         ART X-15 MIDI Pedal Controller (upgraded)

         Nady 201GT Wireless Systems (2)

         Heet E-Bow

Green ButtonMIDI Processors

         Oberheim Strummer PERF/X MIDI Processor w/expanded ROM

         Oberheim Cyclone PERF/X MIDI Processor w/expanded ROM

Green ButtonEffects Devices and Processors

         J.L. Cooper Synapse 16x20 MIDI Patchbay / Processor

         MOTU MIDI Timepiece AV Processor / MIDI Patchbay (USB version)

         MOTU MIDI Timepiece AV Processor / MIDI Patchbay (Serial version)

         Alesis Midiverb 4 Effects Processor

         Ensoniq DP/4 Quad Effects Processor

         Roland VP-9000 Variphrase / Sampler w/64Meg RAM

         Electrix Warp Factory Vocoder

         ART Multiverb Alpha SE Digital Effects Processor (ex-Christopher Cross)

         Alesis Midiverb II Effects Processor

         Zoom 1204 Effects Processor / Vocoder

         Heil Talk Box

         Digitech 2120 Guitar Effects Processor

         ART Nightbass SE Bass Guitar Preamp / Effects Processor

         Roland SIP-301 Bass Guitar Processor

         Janglebox Compressor Effects Box

         Zoom 9002 Guitar Processor w/9002F Foot Controller

         Digitech Quad-7 4-channel MIDI Equalizer

         DOD RTA-II Rack Real Time Analyzer

         dBx DriveRack Studio Processor / Crossover

         Aphex 107 Tubessence Stereo Mic Preamplifier

         Ivie Electronics IE-30 Handheld 1/3-Octave Real-Time Analyzer w/IE-2P Mics / Preamps, Case

         Ivie Electronics IE-20B Pink Noise Generator

         Ivie Electronics IE-17 Audio Analyzer Module

Green ButtonMixers, Recorders and Microphones

         Panasonic Ramsa WR-DA7 Mk.II Digital Mixer w/Meter Bridge, ADAT/SMPTE/IO Interface Cards

         Roland M-480 48-channel Line Mixer

         Roland M-160 Rack Line Mixer

         Behringer MX-802A Mixer

         AKG D202E Microphone

         AKG D140E Microphone

         Shure Hi-Imp Microphones (3)

         Audio-Technica PRO-8 Headset Microphone

         Audio-Technica V20 Microphone

Green ButtonAmplifiers, Speakers, Hardware, Miscellaneous

         Leslie Deluxe Combo Preamp / Switcher, Cables

         Leslie 925 Rotary Speaker Cabinet w/JBL Speakers

         Leslie 900 Rotary Speaker Cabinet

         Dynaco ST-416A Stereo Power Amplifier

         Dynaco Stereo 400 Power Amplifier

         Dynaco QSA-300 Quad Power Amplifier

         Marshall 3520 200W Bass Amplifier Head

         Marshall Model 3005 Micro Stack Lead 12 Micro-Stack Amplifier / Speakers (Silver)

         Marshall Model 3005 Micro Stack Lead 12 Micro-Stack Amplifier / Speakers (Red)

         Marshall MS-4 Micro/Mini Amplifier

         Scholz SR&D Power Soak Rheostat Module

         SWR Engineering 2x10 Bass Speaker Cabinet

         Custom 18-inch Folded Horn Bass Speaker

         Korg DT-12 Tuner

         Raxxess 42-space Demo Equipment Rack with Custom Sides

         Tascam PB-32H Patch Bay

         Behringer PX-2000 Patch Bay

         Junction Boxes, Power Distribution Box, Accessories, Cables

         SKB Keyboard Case

         Ultimate Keyboard Apache Five-Tier Stand

         Invisible Stand KB-3

         Studio Mixer Table, 2 Office Chairs

         Ruslang Studio Recorder Rack Cabinet

         Middle Atlantic Multi-Rack 14-space Producers Racks (2)

         Korg DT-1PRO Rack Tuner

         Axman Ultra Slant Mixer Rack

         JBL 4430 Studio Monitor Speaker w/matching JBL 15-inch Subwoofers

         Audio PC - Dell XPS 630 w/1 TB HDD, Nvidia Quadro Video Card, Dual 31-inch Monitors w/Chief Stand

         MOTU 828 Mk.II Audio PC Interface

         Mike Pinder Mellotron Samples (2), M1 Sounds CD-ROMs

         Panasonic PV-3800 DAT Tape Recorder w/remote, rack-mount

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And then there's some miscellaneous things scattered here and there!

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I am also looking for the following equipment to add to the studios.

Please Email me if you have anything listed or know where it might be available. Thanks!


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